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I'm Helen, 200 hour Yoga Teacher and Angelic Reiki practitioner. 

I find absolute joy in sharing the teachings of yoga with students, and introducing people to the magic of Angelic Reiki energy healing.

Yoga as we know it today has only existed in the Western World for just over 120 years, but it's history can be dated back more than 5,000 years to the ancient Indus-Sarasvati civilisation, which is named after two great rivers that once flowed in Northern India.

The word yoga itself can be translated  to "union". Union of the individual consciousness, or soul, with something  bigger than our simple human form...Spirit, The Divine, God...there are many names for this universal consciousness. We tend to think of yoga only as physical exercise - I know I did when I first discovered it. But this is actually the most superficial aspect of this profound science.


As we begin to look at yoga as something more than just movement, we can delve deeper into our practice. We begin to create union in the body and mind as we release stored tension in the physical body. When we link our breath with the postures, we draw our mind into the present moment, creating union through all layers of ourselves: physical, mental and spiritual.

To join me on the mat, or to book an Angelic Reiki Session scroll down to the booking area. If you have any questions hit the button below:-

  • A gentle way of moving your body through yoga postures.
    Fri1 hr
    8.50 British pounds
  • A personalised session, tailored specifically to your requirements
    1 hr
    75 British pounds
  • Give the gift of Yoga with a gift voucher for one of my classes.
    9.50 British pounds

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